We Help Businesses Run at Peak Efficiency with Cost-Effective Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

Hard water is HARD on your business. Extend equipment life, experience smoother processes, and produce better products with top-quality water treatment products backed by local, expert-trained technicians.

Universal Water Systems serves many industries including the following:

Water treatment for agriculture
Water treatment for car washes
Car Washes
Water treatment for educational facilities
Educational Facilities
Water treatment for food & beverage
Food & Beverage
Water treatment for grocery stores
Grocery Stores
Water treatment for healthcare medical
Water treatment for hospitality hotel motels
Water treatment for industrial manufacturing
Water treatment for laundromats
Water treatment for multi-family units
Multi-Family Units
Well water treatment
Well Water
Water Stores Water Treatment
Water Stores

Commercial & Industrial Grade
Reverse Osmosis, Water Softening, Filtration, & Deionization

Whether you own a small coffee shop, a busy car wash, or operate a multi-million dollar healthcare facility, Universal Water Systems has commercial & industrial solutions that fit your business, your budget, and your water quality needs. We look at YOUR individual water characteristics, plumbing, flow rates, water usage, budget and maintenance requirements and we provide you with the solution that meets YOUR needs.

What Makes us Different?

  • Guaranteed, No Hassle Service Agreement
  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance and Testing
  • Labor and Parts Included at no Additional Costs.
  • Salt Delivery and Fill Up
Certified Water Specialist

What Services do we Offer?

  • Equipment installation
  • Equipment services
  • Granular activated carbon exchange
  • Catalytic carbon exchange
  • Facility operations & maintenance
  • Anion and cation exchange systems
  • Softeners, conditioners, & refiners
  • Sediment filtration
  • Carbon filters
  • Multimedia filters
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Ultraviolet light disinfection
  • Chlorine injection systems
  • pH adjustment systems
Commercial water softener

What You’ll Love About Working With Universal Water Systems


Scale Reduction

To prolong the life of boiler & cooling systems,  steam production & humidification


Improved Efficiency

You’ll also enjoy decreased cost for many manufacturing and food/hospitality-based businesses


Spot-Free Rinses

Perfect for car washes, restaurants, hotels, and car dealerships


Expert, Local Technicians

You no longer have to wait for a long-distance rep to service your equipment. We live & work in here locally and are here to serve you

EcoWater proudly serves the following valued clients with commercial water treatment throughout the USA

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Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller
19:24 15 Jun 21
This was a very pleasant experience for my family and me.... Shawn tested our water and gave us the demonstrations. Such a lovely man. Very personable, easy to talk to, very passionate about the product. The demonstrations are pretty shocking. It's easy to think that some of them could be set up but there are others that you simply cannot dispute. Just feeling the difference in the water was incredible. My grandma used to put softener in our baths at her farmhouse when we were children. The feeling reminded me of that. Whether or not the information on long term effects was accurate or not, we were sure there were some. And the difference in the taste and smoothness was very noticeable. I took my first shower and could feel the smoothness during and after. I kept rubbing my fingers together after I got out because there was a noticeable difference.It is an investment for us. Knowing that we can take it with us when we move if we want is what was the deciding factor for me. Everything was said in done in less than a week. Ernie, Teddy and Seth installed the system. They were very nice, professional, gentlemen. They cleaned up everything and explained how it worked and how to take care of it well. The little faucet with the reverse osmosis system even has lights that let you know when to change the filters. Seems super easy to keep up with.Staying hydrated in ABQ is important. We can finally drink the water out of the tap. It almost has a little bit of a sweet taste with out any aftertaste. It will definitely improve my chances of sticking to drinking a decent amount of water every day now that I enjoy the taste. In a time when a lot more people are thinking about their health and long term effects, this was an easy investment for our family. My husband is the harder sell and he didn't even need to discus it with me or dispute it like I thought he would. His main reason was that the water here tasted horrible and that alone was worth it.We are both very happy with the whole process and the system so far. Happy belated birthday Amalia! And on a side note, I had this very small thought that it'd be fun to have a pet monkey someday. I can now say that from your experiences, Shawn, that is no longer something I am interested in. Maybe we'll see you in Azeroth someday. For the Horde! Thank you everyone involved for introducing and bringing us this system!read more
Phil Strange
Phil Strange
14:51 15 Jun 21
Dominique Brown was excellent!! He checked all aspects of... the water softener system and explained why anything needed to be replaced. He increased the level to reduce my hard water issues. He answered all of my questions and I was very impressed with his service. I recommend him very highly!!read more
Blanche Amador
Blanche Amador
19:16 08 Jun 21
The sales rep was a really good knowledgeable person very... easy to speak to and very good about answering any questions we had his name was Mackay the installers Teddy snd Seth were very nice and very informative very clean and well mannered I appreciated thatread more
Valerie Huenniger
Valerie Huenniger
20:30 07 Jun 21
Darin was awesome today - very efficient and personable. ... He showed me how to change the filters so if I ever want to in the future I will know how. The customer service from Universal in person or on the phone has always been wonderful.read more
FELIX Socorro
FELIX Socorro
23:04 30 May 21
Loved the service and product...
Rachel Perez
Rachel Perez
20:09 25 May 21
I had Teddy and Seth come in to do our install. They were... great, polite, and in and out as quickly as possible. I would recommend these two to anyone. Thank you!read more
Joyce Foropoulos
Joyce Foropoulos
03:02 18 May 21
I just had my water softener Serviced today by Dominic... Brown (service Tech) I was very pleased with his service. He is very knowledgeable about the watersoftners . He got. 10 on all his good work. He was very professional and lets you know what he is doing as he works. I was very impressed with his knowledge. Thanks Dominique Brown *****read more
Kevin Albert
Kevin Albert
17:39 14 May 21
I just had my filters changed, and my water system serviced... by Trevor. The young man did exceptional work. He called when he was on his way, he was fast, efficient, and cleaned up after the work.A delightfull gentleman to have in your home to do service work.read more
Janelle Meehan
Janelle Meehan
19:30 11 May 21
We called Universal Water to come out due to a situation we... were having on our 3-year-old system. Darin was the technician who came to our home. He was friendly, efficient, and skilled. He checked all water levels: calcium, hardness, etc. He explained all tests and answered all our questions. He is a very good rep for Universal Water.read more
Tudor I. Oprea
Tudor I. Oprea
21:54 06 May 21
Great service and customer attention. Based on account... history, significant attention was given to servicing the unit.For the record, I wrote the following on 5/03/21 "Our unit has been serviced 3 times in the past 6 months. The 3rd time (even though it's supposed to be "good for a year", we were charged the usual price. It stopped working 3 days later. After doing what, over the phone, I was informed that I should have done, the unit stopped working again. Their representative promised to show up "tomorrow" twice, but did not (nor did he provide info about not planning to). "The manager called me to inform me that my case will lead in improved company policy, and I am sure service will continue to improve.read more
Jesse Hopson
Jesse Hopson
19:07 05 May 21
The installers were professional and promptly installed the... new system. Having soft water in the house has its benefits, and we are already making use of them. Happy with our purchase and its quality so far!read more
22:46 29 Apr 21
So excited! We had our Universal Water System put in today!... Seth and Teddy were awesome with the installation, explained everything thoroughly. Eagerly looking forward to the results!read more
Laraine Ferguson
Laraine Ferguson
00:04 29 Apr 21
Dominick Brown was the technician who came out to do my... yearly service.He was so through, informative and helpful I learned more about my system than I have in the 6 yrs I've owned it. He checked everything ,took his time, answered all my questions and concerns and was wearing a mask the whole time . He is such an asset to your company!read more
Margo Miller
Margo Miller
16:01 27 Apr 21
Service technician Darin kee was very friendly and... knowledgeable of water system, He is an asset to the company and a keeper. Thank you universal!read more
David Bevins
David Bevins
02:26 26 Apr 21
I will say that the 1st time the system was put in, it was... not done very successfully. However, they did come back out and fixed everything thing that was not done correctly. I am still happy with the system as it works in the water softening. The customer service is another great experience that I have had through the process. I will just say make sure to check all areas of install before giving the thumbs up.read more
Stany Nzabas
Stany Nzabas
18:46 09 Apr 21
The system works great, and very good customer service.
John Snee
John Snee
20:37 02 Apr 21
Dominique was very thorough and informative. We appreciate... the professionalism provided by Universal Water Systems.read more
Louis Tafoya III
Louis Tafoya III
12:33 31 Mar 21
Technician Dominique came to my house to troubleshoot the... under sink RO system. He was very respectful, polite, informative and patient. After systematically testing the system he was able to make a solid recommendation. Our system is now functioning excellently. The entire team has been very helpful. Thank you.read more
Deborah La Pierre
Deborah La Pierre
18:57 12 Mar 21
We had our water treatment and RO system installed in... January, through Costco. Before we installed the system, we bought all our drinking water and ice because the tap water was undrinkable. It is so nice not to have to do that anymore. The company has been very helpful, returning twice to make improvements in the way the system was installed, at no extra charge. Today Ernie improved the drainage system and while waiting to ensure everything was working properly, he even refilled the potassium in the softener system and changed a filter for my Furnace. in addition, he answered some other plumbing questions I had. Definitely went above and beyond in his service!read more
Rebecca Burkland
Rebecca Burkland
22:33 04 Mar 21
Richard is awsome, very knowledgeable about products,... personable and helpful.read more
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