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Trade-In Your Old Water Softener or Drinking Water System and Upgrade!

Through , trade in ANY make or model system and get a $200 credit when upgrading to a new Water Softener or Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System.

Trading up to a new EcoWater system provides the following benefits:
  • Dare to compare guarantee
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Local service
You also may be eligible for a Trade-in Credit when you upgrade your Carbon Filter or other Whole House Filtration System.If you have any questions, fill out the form to let us know about your current water treatment equipment. A service technician will come out, inspect your water treatment system, and inform you on the amount of your Trade-in Credit as well as information on our latest money-saving technologies.

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Mary West
14:31 28 Apr 20
On April 27, 2020 Dominique Brown serviced our water system and reverse osmosis system. He was very prompt arriving at the time we had scheduled. He did a thorough job and in a timely manner. He was friendly, polite and explained everything he was doing and why. He told me things in greater detail than I've heard in the four years I've had the system. I'm thankful for a greater understanding of our system. I love our system and the great care it's received from the Universal Water technicians.
Paige Marquez
01:01 16 Apr 20
One of the best decision we have ever made. Also one of the best investment. I tell you how wonder my skin and hair feel. I am no longer embarrassed when someone asks for a glass of water. I recommend to everyone to get their water tested.
Michelle Cheatham
02:38 23 Mar 20
Just had our water refiner installed and what a difference in taste! The water test was very informative but also fun. Installation was pretty simple and hassle free. We also love all the cleaning products and essential oils we got as a bonus as well! Love that my family is drinking clean water and not that mess we were drinking before!
Adela Macias
20:10 13 Mar 20
We have owned our Universal Water System for 12 years and continue to enjoy its many benefits. Today we had the pleasure of having Darin Kee come to service our system and change out the filters. He was very knowledgeable and he answered all of our questions. He was very friendly, thorough and we appreciate the great service he provided. Thank you, Darin!
Chris W
00:12 03 Mar 20
The water system is working very well. We are happy with how it tastes and the difference in showering water. Guests who have tried the water have made positive comments. The installation guys were very cool and professional. It would have been helpful if the salesmen knew more about what was required for the installation process. We didn't realize that it would need electrical access so we had to drill into the house.The gentleman who did our install, Izaiah, did a great job and we used his services to replace our old water heater two weeks later. It went very smoothly and just as planned.
Kris Wade
19:46 30 Jan 20
I met with Darin Kee this morning to address some issues and concerns with my existing system that had been installed many years ago by a previous owner. He was amazing to work with, very kind, on time, patient, and understood all of my questions and concerns. I will continue to call Universal Water Systems and ask for Darin, I have not received this quality of service in a long time! Thank you Darin, you are a breath of fresh air and I appreciate you and your expertise and kindness!
Duke Sandoval
22:49 24 Jan 20
We had our water system installed about 4 days ago. I am loving it already!! Just my skin and hands alone are so much softer. I didn't realize how much of a difference having filtered water could make. I do want to express just how impressed I am with the service and customer care that this company has. The whole team from the sales rep to the technicians that came out to our home have made it so easy. The technician team of Daniel Hernandez and Thomas Clinton were exceptional. They were friendly and knowledgeable, professional and kind. They took the time needed to answer questions and make sure I was happy with the installation. They even made a special trip to the office to get an extra needed part so that the job could be completed. Then came back two days later to run the wire the to the outlet in the garage so it was more convenient for us. These two gentlemen are a great team. This whole experience has been great!! I would recommend this company to anyone. Customer service does truly matter!! Thank you so much!!!Sincerely, Tom and Tawnya Beck
Kim McKinney
23:14 18 Jan 20
Love the water softener. The sales team was awesome. We can definitely tell a difference in our drinking water. The Install team was great and very respectful. They fixed the drywall issue. All is great with the world! I am just in love with the water system!
Vanessa Jaramillo
21:32 15 Jan 20
LeVon and I love our water and all the staff here is AMAZING!! They definitely take care of their customers. Wow. Wish I could leave more than a 5 star review.
Cody Blocker
21:37 05 Dec 19
We are very happy with our new water treatment system from Universal Water Systems! We were able to notice right away the difference clean water had on washing our hands or taking a shower. I never really liked the taste of our water before but now I love it. The system is very easy to work with and it has a very handy app that makes it easy to see real time water usage. Thank you Universal Water Systems.
Daniel Kitts
15:06 18 Nov 19
The great experience with Universal Water Systems for the water softener and under the sink RO system. Dominique was great at explaining maintenance and potential problems associated with the water softener unit and the recharging process, and also explain how to take care of potential excess salt buildup in the brine tank. Also explained how to add potassium chloride to the brine tank, what level is it needs to be at, how to check flow rate on the unit, and also how to make sure entire system is running efficiently.
Universal Water
21:25 11 Nov 19
I would like to share how much we are enjoying our new water system. We are very pleased with our wonderful new water!! The soap products are also awesome. Thank you for everything! Gail Green 87111
Gail Green
19:05 11 Nov 19
We are so happy to have our new Universal Water System. We noticed the difference in the quality of our water almost immediately upon installation. Showers are wonderful! Hair and skin are silky smooth. Dishes are sparkling and clothes just seem to come out cleaner/softer from the washer and dryer. And the water tastes so fresh !! We highly recommend Eco Water.
Linda Hiers
21:42 30 Oct 19
We love our Eccowater system. We purchased our system in 2015 and have enjoyed the soft water showers. We also have the Osmosis Drinking Water System. Nothing like the good taste of pure water. Just recently we needed to have a service call to check the lines and pressure on the Osmosis System. A young Service Tech named Dominique came, had it checked out in no time. We have always gotten great service from Universal Water Systems.
Camille Chavez
23:00 14 Sep 19
I had wanted to get a water refining system installed in my newly renovated home, but had to wait a year in doing so. To be honest, I was still a bit apprehensive due to the cost of the system but decided to finally pull the trigger. Let me just say within the very first shower taken, I knew I made the right decision. My entire showering experience was next level. I seriously thought to my self, “how the heck did I ever get cleaned prior to this system being installed”?!? Within one use, you will feel the luxury and all around a better well being. I am writing this review two hours after my shower and I can still feel the moisture in my skin left over from my new refined water. Immediately noticeable difference in how laundry comes out of the dryer. My pets bedding got washed and it seriously came out looking like a fluffy little cloud of love. I am 100% sold on this product and once installed you will not regret your decision with your purchase. My entire family, including our pets, are all feeling the immediate benefits of our new system. We are forever sold on an in home water refining system. Once you get one installed, I promise you... you will never go back to normal city water again.
Nicole Leeper
17:16 13 Sep 19
Husband went to Home Depot for new sink faucet due to major calcium build up , Brad helped him with the item , and Brad recommend a water softener due to us having hard water. He helped set us up for a free home estimate through Universal Water Systems with their EcoWater System. Steve W. came to our house and gave us the information on it, we were holding off on getting one because we didn’t think we could afford one and it would be in the double digits (thousands). We knew we had hard water but visually seeing how extremely hard our water truly was , a bit disturbing due to how much damage calcium buildup it can have on our pipes. He went over the price and we can afford it, so we made the leap and purchased the Model R40 which was their biggest one in case our family grew, which they didn’t pressure us with the biggest one it was my decision. They came to install the system and the crew was on time and very professional. They also cleaned yo after themselves and respected my home and got the install done in a very timely manner. They also explained the system to us. I highly recommend this company because the general manager Justin T. ( J.T.) has a heck of a good crew that are professional and personable. Good products that work with professional install, yes is not cheap, but this was worth the price and install for a really good system.We have had this system for a month now and we noticed a huge difference with this system cleaning out our calcium built pipes, I have also used less cleaning products and our skin and hair are much softer. Thank you Water Systems for your professionalism, honest work, and personable staff on delivering us an amazing product that will save us money now and in the very long future.
Mike Fuller
17:19 04 Sep 19
We got our system 6 months ago and to be totally honest my wife and I cannot go back to how things were before. After a couple months we thought maybe this was a poor decision because of our finances, but we went on vacation during the summer and had to use the showers at the hotels and it felt like we couldn't get clean. We couldn't wait to shower in our own home again because our water was so much better. I notice it with our extra bathroom too. One of the toilets does not get used often but there isn't a ring build up around the water. The only reason I don't give them 5 stars is because of how pressured we felt to buy the system. Our sale took nearly 2 hours and my wife and I had to make a quick decision because she had to leave for work and the offers they were giving us that day wouldn't be good later. We don't make a lot of money so some more time to make sure we could afford would have been nice but I have no regrets about the system. Works great and I love it.
Bill Chavez
19:15 21 Aug 19
Great place I work here part-time the staff and the management are great work as a team for a close-knit love it here
Ethan Halbgewachs
03:18 31 Jul 19
Universal Water systems installed came to my new place and I was immediately sold. The quality of presentation was great. When they came to install the water system they were extremely professional and helpful. They went over everything step by step. One week of drinking the filtered water and you won’t want to drink regular tap water again. The Ecowater System is great and works wonderfully. Highly recommend.
ken dela cruz
16:55 13 Jun 19
I got my ecowater installed last month, and universal water system are really professional about what their doing. i'm very satisfied and happy. i'm recommending this company to my family and friends. thank you guys
Lara Jaseph
17:03 09 Jun 19
Best thing we’ve done to our house. Within hours you notice a different.
Paula Menefee
17:07 05 Jun 19
Darin was great today. He was professional and took care to pick up trash and put everything back in place after he finished.
Mellisa Heller
21:05 31 May 19
If you're a Costco member AND you want clean water for your home and family, you NEED to contact EcoWater for a demonstration and get the system! I am completely blown away at how disgustingly hard our water is, and Kevin is amazing and obviously loves what he does. He sold me on the system the minute he showed me what was in my water and how much I can save by having clean water. The system has a lifetime warranty, and that's just even more peace of mind.
Roger Williams Fine Art
14:27 21 May 19
My wife and I are very satisfied with the products this company offers. I highly recommend them.
Perry Kissam
18:26 08 May 19
I just had my system installed yesterday so it is too early for me to make any meaningful comment on the quality of my "new" water but I have no reason to believe it will not be exactly as the salesperson demonstrated to us. The big thing I want to comment on is the service. They said they would be at my house at 8 AM and they were. The technician explained several facets of the installation I had not understood from the salesperson but he pointed them out very clearly. He then proceeded with the installation. And things went downhill - for me!! At least, I initially thought so. As the tech was preparing to drain my water heater to facilitate the installation the valve came off in his hand spraying him with water!! Needless to say a new water heater was needed. The tech said they could supply it if I wished and I asked would they install it if I could buy it at another vendor where I receive a military discount. Yes, they would be happy to do so. The rest if now history. They did everything needed to include giving me an educational briefing and demonstration of what I would be doing with the system in the future. The litter of pipes, bolts, and general trash generated by the installation of the water heater that covered my garage floor was absolutely non-existent when the team of technicians departed. This installation crew was professional down to the last man, courteous, and above all obviously proficient at their jobs. I thank the team and I thank Universal Water Systems for a very pleasant experience and look forward to a continued excellent relationship with them. This is truly an A1+ company to do business with.
Ted Deherrera
17:02 20 Apr 19
5 star review for ecowater . Hello fellow ecowater system owners. My name is Ted Deherrera owner if ABQrenovations. I want to apologise for a very negative review I wrote out of frustration .it was not fair to take out my frustrations of one person and mistakes and of mistakes of my own and direct it on a whole company. Universal waters owner was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to fly to New Mexico to check on the installation of my system . And with no second thought advised his people to "fix it" and it was corrected. As I re read my first review I owe this man and his company a apology. That being said universal water and the sub that finished the install are second to none. And the product they install are as good as the best and better then most . 5 stars to universal and my apology.
Korkie Kerkin
19:35 15 Apr 19
It has been about a month since the installation of my Eco Water System and it is incredible the difference it has made to the water running through the plumbing in my home! The water not only tastes GREAT but it has made a difference with my clothes coming out of the washer much cleaner and softer and the dish washer getting everything much cleaner without that cloudy residue! And the Team at Universal Water Systems have been very helpful and knowledgable from the Sales people to the installers! Best decision I've made! Even my Dogs love the reverse osmosis water! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Stacey Jenkins
01:16 11 Apr 19
We just had our Eco water filtration system installed several weeks ago. I love it. The RO water tastes amazing!! It's the clearest water I've ever seen (no more cloudy ice cubes!). The difference it makes on my skin is ridiculous (soooo soft). You can literally shave without shaving cream. Cleaning is a breeze. Everything looks so shiny and feels so smooth (e.g dishes, kitchen and bathroom counters) it's wonderful. I recommend getting the Pure Selects soaps also. They are great!
Lillian Snyder
21:11 18 Mar 19
Darin Kee from Universal Water Systems (UWS) did a water softener and reverse osmosis system service today 3/18/2019. He was excellent. Walked us through each of the steps he performed and educated us about the system. I highly recommend the UWS systems, their excellent service, and Darin Kee.
Jorge Serrano
19:47 18 Mar 19
After installing my universal Water system, another company came to my house trying to sell me their own. I let them test the water and they were quite surprised at how good my water was coming out with the Universal System. That erased any doubt I had as to the value of my investment.
Kirsty Archuleta
15:13 22 Jan 19
We had our new system installed yesterday by Santiago and Izaiah, and they did a great job. Very professional, showed up on time, answered all our questions, and cleaned up after themselves. I am anxious and excited to see the results in the next few weeks, so far so good, the sales and installation have been great!
Zairah Maldonado
03:52 12 Dec 18
I cannot even begin to express how happy I've been with this company from start to finish! For starters, Kevin came to our house after I talked to a rep at home depot who told us they could check our water for free. I already knew that our water was bad because even our plants would get mineral build up from being in the water! Kevin did an amazing job showing us just how bad it truly was and answered all of our questions and just left us 100% certain that we needed this. Though they had both been great so far, the cherry on top was their installer Pete. He is a true perfectionist and was not satisfied until everything was perfect. He was even nice enough to fix a small leak under my sink! The filter really makes the water taste just as good as the bottled one and I swear this is worth every penny, but what really makes this company better than anyone else for me was their unmatched customer service!
Larry Hartwick
20:46 07 Dec 18
Had a great service call today!!! Darin is the best.... answered all my questions.He was very informative in how our system works.
Marie McD
05:09 29 Nov 18
I have had the system about a month now. It has made an amazing change in the water quality! From the beginning, everything was very professional. This has been an investment in my family's health.
Elliott Gordon
01:02 26 Nov 18
Overall pleased. The sales experience was a bit strange and uncomfortable but I decided to get the system installed and I definitely notice a positive difference in the kitchen. The installation was convenient. Pricey in total but reasonable.
Julio Maestas
14:22 21 Nov 18
Great system works really well. Going to be a good purchase. Installation was a breeze.
Katina Harrelson
15:48 06 Nov 18
I love our water softener but what I love the most is our RO filter. It makes the most tasty water, and I know it takes out harmful chemicals. I only wish that the filters were not so expensive.One more thing that’s important to know; it’s pricey to have them come out and do maintenance on the water softener, which is recommended. I had them come out and do it once, it felt like a huge waste of money because they were here for a total of 15 minutes and I’m not sure what/if they did anything maintenance like.
Katina Harrelson
02:21 21 Oct 18
I love our water softener but what I love the most is our RO filter. It makes the most tasty water, and I know it takes out harmful chemicals. I only wish that the filters were not so expensive.
John Ward
16:03 19 Oct 18
Great company! Great product! Awesome service! System needed to be rebedded. No questions asked. All warrantied. Couldnt be happier! Darin was great! Got me all set up to have clean, soft water again!!
Fallon vanHemert
22:36 03 Sep 18
I never knew what a difference a water system could do until I was informed by some very knowledgeable people. And it is true too. The water system is awesome. I use less soap when showering and doing dishes. The dishes no longer have water marks when they're dry. Also my skin has been feeling much smoother and I drink more water from home with the reverse osmosis system.
Rebecca Rojas
16:09 10 Aug 18
Darin Kee is amazing! He took the time to explain what he was going to do during our service call, answered all of our questions and fixed our loose faucet! Darin is very kind and knowledgeable, a great person to have in our home servicing our water system.
Steven Otero
02:18 28 Jul 18
Universal water systems were professional and friendly the whole way through our water system is performing flawlessly and we love it the water taste better clothes look brighter less soap is being used and our skin is softer. All in all we are very satisfied thank you universal water systems and will be recommending you guys to everyone we know.
PR Chavez
19:44 23 Jun 18
This is the second time we have had them come and service our water system. The first time the technician was not too friendly and seemed like he did not want to be there.This time Darrin Kee was the technician to come. He was the best! Very friendly and customer oriented, helpful and answered any questions I had. Also thank you to Customer Service for working with me on my appointment time. All future services I will be requesting Darrin to be the tech. Thank you!
Kevin Van Stone
17:38 05 Jun 18
I had my Ecowater water refiner installed in my house about a month ago now into a slightly older house that I recently purchased. The water in my area of Albuquerque is fairly hard and appliances such as the fridge, dishwasher, and shower heads had significant scale buildup. The team at Universal Water Systems were professional and did a great job installing the system and so far it has been working great. I water my yard and plants with the treated water and they all look healthy and the water out of the reverse osmosis and even the normal faucets now tastes great and its night and day how much better the shower water feels. Overall I'm pretty happy with this home upgrade.
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